Kukulcan | Spanish Language School

Our Mission and Goals

See what moves us into offering the best Spanish courses in Mexico.

Kukulcan's Mission

Our mission is to provide you with the best Spanish Language Immersion experience in Mexico by combining high quality Spanish classes with engaging cultural activities. We want to instill in our students an appreciation for cultural diversity and global citizenship through the study of Mexican culture and language.

Kukulcan's goals:

  1. Provide optimal Spanish language learning experiences for our students through cultural immersion, contact with native speakers, and small personalized classes.
  2. Satisfy or exceed the expectations of our students through outstanding teaching and service.

  3. Strengthen our community through a commitment to local businesses and social organizations.

  4. Establish Kukulcan as a open and friendly work environment where everyone is treated with respect.

  5. Build a community of alumni who will be lifelong learners with a desire to return to Mexico, who will study again at Kukulcan or who will recommend us to others as a positive Spanish language immersion experience.