Kukulcan | Spanish Language School

College Programs

Kukulcan has a finely-tuned and well-planned curriculum consisting of Spanish grammar classes, conversation classes, and cultural programs that fit together to create the perfect learning environment for college and university students.

Program Durations

You can enroll in classes at Kukulcan any time during the year, and stay for as long as you want, from a few weeks to several months. Our Spanish classes start every Monday all year round, contact us for determining if your specific course is offered on a particular Monday.


We also offer internships in select fields such as business, journalism, government and education.

 For students who are seeking volunteer opportunities in Mexico, we combine language classes and work experience in orphanages, schools, senior centers and other local institutions.

Some universities organize their own program through Kukulcan and send their students with a group leader. Others send their students alone and accept transfer credit. Check with your home institution to discuss your options. Whether you choose to come with a group or come on your own, you can be sure you're in good hands.


If you are interested in organizing an immersion program through Kukulcan, we can help customizing the classes to fit your needs. For more information, contact us here.

All Programs for College Students

Full Quarter or Semester

Total immersion in a Spanish environment, while staying on track for graduation day.

Winter Break Programs

Experience Mexico in the most wonderful time of the year.

Summer Programs

Learn Spanish and get to know Cuernavaca in your summer break.

Spanish for Business Students

Learn specialized Spanish for business, and find new opportunities and internships.

Spanish for Heritage Speakers

Learn more about Latino roots and fine-tune your Spanish.

Internships in Mexico

Learn Spanish while gaining career experience abroad.

Spanish for Education Students

Learn Spanish while gaining career experience with student teaching practicum.