Kukulcan | Spanish Language School

Full Quarter or Semester

Total immersion in a Spanish environment, while staying on track for graduation day.

We work with your home institution to determine the number of contact lessons you need to get credit for a full academic quarter or semester. Study at Kukulcan for 10, 12 or 15 weeks (depending on your home institution's system), and stay on track for graduation. At the same time, you'll dramatically improve your fluency in the Spanish language and gain valuable experience from living abroad.

The Program

You'll be in a total Spanish immersion environment, living with a Mexican host family and participating in the many extracurricular activities and cultural excursions that Kukulcan organizes during the term. A semester or quarter-long stay in Cuernavaca will give you time to develop close friendships with local people and to integrate yourself more fully into the community.

Financial Aid

Most students who qualify for financial aid at their home institutions are able to use that money for study abroad. Talk to a financial aid advisor at your college or univeristy to see if this is an option for you.

Accreditation in Your Home Institution

Check with the Spanish department at your home university to find out how study abroad credits can be transferred. You may get credit for Spanish language or Latin American Studies courses, depending on your university's requirements. We're happy to work with your academic advisors if they have questions about our Immersion Spanish programs. For more information, contact us, or put your advisor or professor in touch with us to work out a program for you.