Kukulcan | Spanish Language School

Spanish for Dietitians

Two week intensive program for dietitians working with Latino patients.

Kukulcan is the ideal place for dietitians who work with Hispanic patients. In addition to training in the Spanish language, we offer cultural workshops that help you understand your patients’ culinary traditions and eating habits.

Working with the Commission on Dietetic Registration, we've developed a theme-based program called “Mexican Cuisine: Food and Cultural Identity” that provides participating RD/DTR/student up to 60 CPEUs. This travel/study program is an excellent and fun opportunity to improve whatever Spanish proficiency you might have with “hands on” practice in Mexican cuisine. We take participants out of the classroom into markets and traditional restaurants to experience the flavors and smells of Mexican culinary world. Whether you're a beginner in Spanish or already have some proficiency, this program will take your skills to a new level.

In Kukulcan´s Food and Cultural Identity program, we combine research and theory from cultural psychology with the history and techniques of Mexican cooking. We study the ways that culinary traditions define personality and ethnic identity. More specifically, we examine the importance of the culinary “trinity”of chiles, beans, and corn to the Mexican diet and the national psyche.

Programs are designed for two-week periods but participants can stay for longer periods of time, if they want to continue to learn more about Mexico and achieve more proficiency in the Spanish language. We can arrange home-stays with Mexican families, or accommodations in our nearby hotels or apartment in the city.

Programs are available all year round. Given Cuernavaca's wonderful climate, you'll find warm weather and sunny skies no matter when you come. Cuernavaca also offers first-class shopping, many fine restaurants, affordable and easy transportation around town, and excellent medical facilities. For more information, please contact us.