Kukulcan | Spanish Language School

Spanish for Social Workers

Two week program for people who work with the Latino population.

Kukulcan's Spanish School has an established Spanish program for social workers who want to learn or improve their Spanish in order to work more effectively with a Spanish-speaking population. Classes focus on practical vocabulary related to the field with guided visits to local social organizations and institutions of interest to the participants. Culture classes explain concepts that influence the way Hispanics think about themselves and the world around them. Participants learn about the importance of family, tradition, and the competing pressures that Hispanics face when attempting to integrate into other societies, as in the case of Mexican-American immigrants.

Whether you're a beginner in Spanish or already have some proficiency, our immersion program will take your communication skills to a new level. Consider the importance of knowing Spanish for your career goals, and enjoy an immersion experience in Mexican culture in Cuernavaca, "The City of Eternal Spring." We offer two-week modules for professionals and students in Social Work throughout the entire year. For more information about our programs for Social Workers, please contact us.