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Spanish Travel-Study Courses for Heritage Speakers

Learn about your roots by getting to know Mexico, all while learning or fine-tuning your Spanish.

Heritage speakers are people of hispanic background and do not necessary speak Spanish as their native language. Kukulcan provides heritage speakers with training in the language so that they can built or maintain proficiency and in some cases satisfy continuing education requirements.

Heritage speakers have different needs than traditional language students and for this reason we have developed a special program for them that targets areas of difficulty. Students who grew up speaking Spanish at home often communicate well in Spanish at an informal level but have trouble writing and understanding more complex grammar points. We help you polish your Spanish so it more closely resembles the language of educated native speakers. At Kukulcan, we take enormous pride in our Hispanic heritage, and we love to share it with Latino students. Culture classes help you understand the history and social issues that have influenced the development of Mexican culture, as well as the literary and artistic achievements of the people. Please contact us for further comments on the program.