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Spanish Travel-Study Courses for Independent Students

Learn or improve your Spanish while getting to know Mexico.

The Kukulcan Educational Community happily welcomes independent students who want to come to Mexico to learn Spanish. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced student, we offer a range of Spanish language classes that will help you acquire the level of conversational proficiency you desire.

You can choose to study in a group with other students at your level and follow our normal class schedule, or you can choose semi-private or private tutoring that can be molded to fit your needs. Classes begin every Monday, and are available year round. You can sign up for the number of weeks you want, and the number of lessons you want per week. Typical lessons are of 50 minutes and the weekly schedule is of 25 lessons: 15 of grammar and 10 of conversation and cultural activities. Remember: we can custom design a program for you if you want less or more of the typically offerred 25 lessons of instruction per week.

For students with special needs or interests, we can modify the grammar, conversation and culture classes to meet your needs. The online placement exam will help us determine the right level of classes for you to take. Because we value the immersion experience of language learning in a cultural context, we encourage you to consider a homestay with a Mexican family. However, if you prefer an apartment or hotel arrangement, we can help you choose accommodations. Our friendly staff and faculty will make you feel at home.

Through our enlaces amistosos program, you can get together with native speakers outside of class for informal conversation practice. You’ll also have a chance to interact with other students at the school and become integrated into group activities, excursions, culture classes, and tours.

Kukulcan also offers volunteer opportunities for students who want to combine language learning with community outreach work.

Whether you need Spanish for college credit, work-related purposes, or for your own personal enrichment, we work with you to create the program you want. Contact us for more information about our Independent Spanish Student programs.