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Travel-Study Programs For Volunteers

Get some volunteer work done as you get to know Mexico and learn Spanish.

Doing volunteer work in Mexico is a wonderful way to gain practical experience and integrate yourself into the community, while practicing responsible global citizenship. Participants learn about the importance of family, tradition, and the competing pressures that Hispanics face when attempting to integrate into other societies, as in the case of Mexican-American immigrants.

Volunteer opportunities are available for participants who do not need academic credit for their work in Mexico. If you would like to volunteer a few hours a week (or more) while you're studying at Kukulcan, we help place you in NPO´s local institutions and services where you will have an opportunity to practice Spanish and interact with native speakers.

Requirements for Volunteer Work in Mexico:

  1. High-intermediate Spanish language proficiency (typically 300 level work at the university). If you have a lower level of Spanish language proficiency upon arrival in Mexico, you will need to do full-time intensive language training at Kukulcan to bring your Spanish up to speed before you can start work.
  2. Proof of health insurance for the length of stay in Mexico.
  3. If you want to do an volunteer work in Mexico, you need to complete the application process at least two months prior to the date you want to start your work study program here. We are part of a global community and we value people who want to make it a better world! Contact us if you want us to design a volunteer program for you.