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Security in Cuernavaca: A Parent's Guide

Our highest priority is our students' safety, both at school and outside of it.

Kukulcan Spanish Language School recognizes how important it is to provide a secure and unthreatening environment where your daughter or son can live and learn. Our campus is located on the northern part of the city. In a typical Cuernavaca style property, enclosed by a high stone wall so it is completely private and hidden from street view. The school has three secure entry point, with 24 hour security cameras and caretakers on the premises. The grounds are expansive and open, but completely secure because there is no public access to them. Host family homes have similar features. The host families provide transportation to and from school, and they offer good, practical advice to students to help them adapt to life in Mexico.

Cuernavaca is a modern city with excellent health care specialists, reliable and safe transportation, and a highly developed system of communication. Your son and daughter will have access to all the modern conveniences of life at home while enjoying a new culture and language. Our host families are carefully chosen and well respected members of the community. Most are professional people with university educations. Our professional staff and instructors are trained to recognize and deal with issues related to culture shock. They help make your son or daughter's transition to Mexico smooth and pleasant.

Many U.S. students are statistically safer in foreign cities and towns than they are on their home campuses. Students who study Spanish at Kukulcan consistently report that they feel safe while in Cuernavaca. This is not to say that crime doesn't exist in Mexico or that your son or daughter's personal safety can be 100% assured. In Mexico, as in many tourist destinations, the most common kind of crime is minor street crime like pick-pocketing. There is no documented evidence that international students have ever been the specific target of violence in Cuernavaca.

Political terrorism in Mexico is extremely rare, and has never been aimed at foreign visitors. 
The ability to communicate almost instantaneously worldwide via cell pones and e-mail enables you to stay in touch with your son or daughter, and to obtain and share information quickly and accurately in the event of any emergency. Students and parents should develop a family communication plan for regular telephone or e-mail contact, with contingencies for emergency situations.