Kukulcan | Spanish Language School

Spanish for Education Workers

Learn or fine-tune your Spanish, and become a better teacher or a school administrator.

We offer a variety of language and cultural immersion programs for K-12 Spanish teachers or bilingual/ ESL teachers who work with Latino students. For teachers who want to refresh and refine their mastery of the Spanish language, we offer courses specifically designed to improve conversational fluency. We include cultural workshops and seminars to help you integrate Mexican culture into your class plans, and to increase your own understanding of your students' heritage and traditions.

We also offer an Advanced Spanish course for Professionals, a program that focuses on cross-cultural aspects of education and offers hands-on pedagogy workshops for teachers who want to emphasize language in its authentic cultural context.

In addition, we offer preparatory courses for Spanish proficiency tests (such as the TOPT) for bilingual educators, or certificate programs like CTEL for California teachers.

For those who are interested, we can arrange for student-teaching opportunities at local schools. These internships can be as brief as two weeks or as long as a full semester.

Whether you're looking for in-service or pre-service credit hours, continuing education units, or just the pleasure of learning more Spanish, our Spanish Classes for Teachers will give you higher level skills you can use in the workplace.

 You may qualify for a scholarship with your professional organization or your home institution. Check with them for the details.